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Web Designer/ Engineer

Web Designer/ Engineer

Job Description "Web Designer"
You will be responsible for visual design, information design, and user experience provision. Together with planners and directors, participate in Brest from the early stages of the project and share images with the client and create it.
There are creative are a lot that you can unleash your ideas and design sense.
Let's create new ideas and designs together.

You will be responsible for the proposal and implementation of interactive contents, medium to large sites, external API · site design and construction in cooperation with server side, rich content that implements the ajax · javascript, site construction of mobile and smartphones.
We are looking for those who want to do that’s "I want to stick to expression on the directing surface”, "I want to pursue not only the appearance's gaudiness but also the value for the user”, "I want to design a site that considers maintainability and extensibility and build a site”, "I want to positively incorporate modern environments and technologies and make efficient production”.
Employment status Full-time employee / part-time
Working hours Daytime work: 9 o'clock to 18 o'clock (break time 60min)
Work place Our company
Holiday Sunday and national holidays
Salary Total payment 250,000 yen ~ + various allowances
Salary closing date: 20th of every month
Payment on the last day of the same month
*Salary fluctuates according to ability, experience, etc.
Qualification requirements 18 years and over
Education history is irrelevant
Web Designer :People with previous work experience more than one year in a designer.
Web Engineer : People with previous work experience more than one year in a Web engineer.
Treatment Transportation expenses, Training system available, Pay rise, Employment insurance, Subscribing to social insurance, etc.
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