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Traffic guards guards

Traffic guards guards

Job Description Telecommunication facilities It is traffic guarding security at construction site.
In addition to alleviating traffic congestion etc., it is work to prevent accidents such as general vehicles and pedestrians beforehand.

*Basically it goes straight to the work place, and after finish it you can direct go back home.
*Even if you're inexperienced it is safe because there is a training period of four days.
*Those who wish to obtain qualifications will support, so please apply with confidence.
*Salaries will pay rise according to skills, experience, etc.
Employment status Full-time employee / part-time
Working hours Daytime work: 8 o'clock to 17 o'clock (break time 60min)
Nightly work: 21 - 5 o'clock
Work place Mainly Tokushima-city, Itano-gun, Anan-city, Miyoshi-city direction
Holiday Week holiday 2 days (available on request)
Salary No qualification: (day shift) Daily salary 7,000 yen / (night shift) Daily salary 10,500 yen
Qualifications: (day shift) Daily salary 8,000 yen / (night shift) Daily salary 11,500 yen

About 175,000 yen per month ~ 220,000 yen per month (including night shifts and allowances)
Salary closing date: 20th of every month
Payment on the last day of the same month
Qualification requirements 18 years and over (Because of the limitation by the guard business law)
Education history is irrelevant
Experience is not an issue
Motorcycle drive license or more
Treatment Transportation expenses (Upper limit 50,000 yen), Training system available, Pay rise, others are determined at interview.

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