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Senior Managing Director

Senior Managing Director Yu Yamanaka


It is a company that is growing forever thinking about what to do for that.

The security industry is now indispensable to organizations, companies and people's lives.
To the needs that are required from the customer, that continue every day to be a matter of course, we believe that lead to customers confidence.
For that, we think. Among the work requested, that washed out the risk as much as possible, it does not or rather can not be better worse.
Fortunately, customers often get nomination our security.
t is nice to have a good clerk at any shop, are not you?
Security industry is also the same.
Of course it is mission to provide "safety and relieved" with accurate judgment and flexible response capabilities, staff who can provide comfort with plus there are nominated.

"As I asked you again tomorrow, come again ~!!”

I trust that I will continue to be a useful company for society by nurturing so many staff who have a true heart that I can say so.

Finally, it is a personal story.
There is a mid myself still way but, I hope that my experiences so far will be useful to someone.
We have a strong sense of mission and RELIZE's pride in the job of security, I'd like to continue providing warm security services that "Heart" can communicate with.

Senior Managing Director
Yu Yamanaka

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